“Earlier this afternoon the catalogues for the auction arrived. I have to say that you have done a really wonderful job. The way you have worked Watership Down and The Day Gone By into the descriptions is masterly. I think a real sensitivity and affection for my father comes across very well in what you have done. Thank you for taking such a lot of time and trouble. The photographs are wonderful too.”
Juliette Johnson (daughter of Richard Adams, author of Watership Down) 


“Downsizing and losing a great part of a treasured library, makes for sadness. Entrusting it all to Dominic Winter has taken much of the pain away, and through them and their careful work I wish anyone, who comes to possess anything that was mine, as much joy and pleasure as it has given me through the years.”
Robert Hardy CBE FSA FHA


“Yesterday was my first visit to your auction house. I have to say I was extremely impressed. The whole thing was very professionally run which makes it so much easier for the buyer. What really struck me though was the attitude of your staff, everybody spoke to me with a smile on their face. This makes such a difference and is rarely seen nowadays. Although I left South Cerney somewhat lighter in the pocket, I had a very enjoyable day.”


“Mind blowing, I have never had such care and attention paid to wrapping and posting, I am lost for words”.


“I have been so pleased with the two books Dominic Winter sold for me in the last 6 months. You are clearly a top-end auction room who still have time for ordinary folk.”


“Just a quick message to say thank you so much for the wonderful service. I was delighted to receive my item the next day. Please pass on my thanks to the team, I will certainly bid again.”


“Please convey my regards to all your staff in respect of the last sale. It was a most enjoyable experience and one I hope to repeat.”


“Over recent years I’ve always been most impressed with Dominic Winter, I’ve found I can rely on the firm with complete confidence. Lately things have gone up a notch, if that’s possible! With my last successful bid, I wasn’t even in the country at the time, being in the far reaches of the West of Ireland at the end of an uncertain Internet connection and a dodgy phone line too, yet everything worked like a dream.”


“I have today received the framed map that I successfully bid for in your July sale and I would like to say how impressed I was with the packaging. It probably took me 10 minutes to get through all the various layers of protection, which should be taken as a compliment and not a criticism.”


“Please forward my thanks to your shipping staff for the superb job of packing my large lot of glass slides and negatives. Astonishingly, and against best expectations, all arrived in fine condition without so much as a single breakage, quite remarkable.”


“Following the sale of the library of my late husband, Major Alastair Donald RM, I write to thank you and everyone at Dominic Winter Auctioneers who have been involved, not only for the successful financial outcome, but also for the great care and attention that has been taken throughout the process. I feel that I have been very much kept in the picture as we have gone along, and it has been very much appreciated. I am glad that the books that Alastair valued so much throughout most of his life, and certainly his whole military career, have with your help found new homes with people who are equally enthusiastic about the subject matter they relate to.”


“I would just like to congratulate you all for providing a first-class service.”


“It has been a great pleasure to witness your efficiency in sorting out my unwieldy book collection with such pleasing results.”


“I have received my parcel. The level of service provided was amazing. From the moment of bidding to the point of receiving the item, every step was so smooth and easy. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome, thank you all for making this happen.”


“I am writing to let you know that my retired GP friend was delighted with the price obtained for the sale of his two apothecary medicine chests in your recent auction. He will be donating the proceeds to Medicins sans Frontiers, the international medical aid charity.”


“I would like to express my thanks for the superb way you handled the auction of our collection of books. The catalogue you sent me will make a lovely souvenir and is much more portable than the books themselves!”


“Many thanks for the successful sale of the Brazilian fern book. Although I enjoyed the book, I am happier to think of it being with a more appropriate owner. I am sure the careful cataloguing made all the difference.”


“Just a note to say a big thank you to the packing department. My picture arrived today, safely with no damage, all down to the expert packing. Over the years I’ve learnt not to have too high expectations when expecting pictures to arrive, there have been some disasters! So, thank you for doing such an excellent job for me.”


“May I ask you pass onto management that I appreciate very much the shipping service you offer to buyers, it is much appreciated. It takes away much of the stress and worry of buying online. I totally avoid auction houses who will not provide this service.”


“While we found the lack of a bidding paddle a bit perplexing, it failed to prevent the purchase of an expensive antique bicycle! What we did appreciate was the excellent catalogue, the civility of your staff, the comfortable surroundings and the available refreshments, particularly the excellent carrot cake.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did selling the Kelmscott Froissart. We had hoped for a good result but the price obtained was way above what we dreamed about. I’m sure there are many people at Dominic Winter who had a hand in achieving this great result, the auctioneer and photographer to name but two.”


“Thank you for all your help with disposing of John’s estate, I’m sure it is something you do on a regular basis but all the same you really have been a great help.”


“This is the best packed item I have ever received. A huge thank you to the person who took so much care with these fragile books.”


“The ceramics arrived today, please pass on my particular thanks to whoever was responsible for the bombproof packaging.”


“We really appreciate the research that you did on our items and for the very thorough and excellent catalogue descriptions. We watched the auction online and were delighted with the results. My father would have been so pleased that the albums were so appreciated and will find homes with fellow collectors.”


“Thank you again for your help and for being so pleasant and approachable. It has been a very positive experience for an auction novice and it gives me confidence to approach you with similar items as and when they arise.”


“Thank you so much for organising the auction of our withdrawn library books and, of course, for the cheque received. This money is a lovely surprise and is greatly appreciated, especially in the current economic climate. The money will go straight into Herefordshire Libraries’ stock fund. We look forward to working with you again.”


“Thank you so much for all your kindness and hard work, driving up here, collecting the books, everything.”


“I’d like to thank you for the cheque which arose from your recent very successful sale. I’m most grateful for the professional way the operation was handled, and impressed with the result. Please may I also thank your staff for their help, Dominic Winter is clearly a happy and cheerful place to work, which is perhaps the best compliment I can pay you all.”


“I would like to thank you for your most efficient, helpful and friendly service. I commend you for your relatively low Buyer’s Premium and your in-house shipping service.”


“I would just like you to know how very pleased I was with your packing department. I buy from many auction houses and have items packed and posted but this was the best I have seen. Due to the quality of packing I will be looking at all your auction catalogues in future and not just doing a general search for specific items across all auction rooms.”


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