Printed Books, Maps, Autographs, Documents, & Ephemera

Including Maps of Poland from a Private Collection

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Our sale on 2 October will contain a variety of rare travel narratives, atlases, natural history and colour-plate books, in addition to the most extensive collection of maps of Poland to come to market in recent times, a number important historical documents and autographs, and the third instalment of a private collection of cattle and livestock prints, following previous successes in March and June of this year.

The travel books are led by the very rare first edition in Latin of Jan Huyghen van Linschoten’s Navigatio ac itinerarium in orientalem (1599), retaining the path-breaking Barentsz map of the Arctic, 'Deliniatio cartae trium navigationum per Batavos, ad Septentrionalem plagam'. Linschoten was in India from 1583 to 1589 before joining Barentsz’s attempt to find a passage to Asia via the Arctic regions in 1594. His book marks the true starting point of Dutch overseas expansion, and is accompanied in the sale by other early works including Piacenza’s L’Egeo redivivo (1688), Ptolemy’s Geografia (1574), and Bordone’s Isolario (1534), a celebrated woodcut atlas of the world’s islands. Outstanding items among the autographs are original letters by luminaries of the 19th and 20th centuries from Ludwig Wittgenstein to Charles Darwin and Madame Chiang Kai-shek.

The collection of Poland maps includes a superior copy of Pierre de Tirregaille’s wall-size Plan de la Ville de Varsovie (1762), which depicts the Polish capital as it assumed its modern form under the auspices of Crown Marshal Franciszek Bielinski. It will be offered with Eilhard Lubben’s Nova Illustrissimi Principatus Pomeraniae Descriptio (1757), another wall-size map of great rarity. Produced from surveys undertaken in 1611-12, it remained the only significant map of Poland until the Prussian surveys of the 18th century. These two outstanding items will be offered with respective estimates of £7,000-10,000 and £10,000-15,000.

For further information please contact Dominic Somerville-Brown for books, John Trevers for maps and prints, or Chris Albury for autographs, documents and ephemera.

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  19th & 20th Century Photographs, featuring India, China & the Far East

Cameras, Photobooks, Scrap Albums

Thursday 3 October 2019


The October sale features a number of highly important mid-Victorian photograph albums and photo books of China and Hong Kong. Most important amongst these are several books and albums with photographs by the great Scottish photographer John Thomson (1837-1921).

Thomson was one of the first to extensively document the Far East, photographing out there between 1862 and 1872, before returning to the UK, where, in association with Adolphe Smith, he produced the seminal and pioneering documentary photography book depicting the working class in London Street Life in London (1876-77). Thomson published many of his images of China, Thailand and Cambodia in a series of books, often using actual photographs, making them costly small printings, and now all consequently rare. Most well-known is his lavish large folio set of views entitled Illustrations of China and Its People. A Series of Two Hundred Photographs, published in 4 volumes (1873-74), a very good copy of which is included in this sale. The wide body of images in this work are reproduced as collotypes and are in excellent fresh condition.

More difficult to find in fine condition are the books published with mounted original photographs, of which the earliest, The Antiquities of Cambodia (1867), with 16 albumen prints, is the most familiar. Of Thomson's China books with real photographs, Foochow and the River Min (1873) with 80 carbon prints is the best known, even though it was published in a limited edition of only 46 copies; the last complete copy at auction fetched £350,000 at Sotheby's, London, in 2012. Even rarer is Thomson's first China photography book, Views on the North River (1870), with 14 mounted albumen prints. On this expedition into the Guangdong province the weather was poor and Thomson was disappointed with his photographs. There are only four copies of this book known: at Hong Kong University, the National Library of Scotland, Cornell University, and one privately owned in North America. No copies have ever been offered for sale by auction, nor by catalogue, that we have found.

It is a great privilege therefore to announce for sale a newly discovered copy of this extremely rare work, held for 150 years in a private British family's possession, alongside further related photograph albums of the 1860s/70s, including views of Hong Kong by John Thomson, c. 1868; views of Hong Kong by William Pryor Floyd, c. 1870; and other albums of views of Hong Kong, China, India and Burma. The sale will also comprise further 19th-century Asian and other travel photography, including Antarctica, Indonesia, Japan, Africa, Europe and Great Britain, both as individual prints and albums from various sources.

On view below are a selection of images from the album of Hong Kong views by John Thomson.




To consign and for further information please contact Chris Albury

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Fine Art

Tuesday 22 October 2019


The next Fine Art and Antiques sale will offer more high-quality and diverse objects and artworks from the 17th to the 20th century, including British and Continental Old Master drawings and prints, portrait miniatures, 19th century paintings, sculpture and bronzes, and 20th century works of art. A fine chalk study of a female head by Giovanni Battista Cipriani (1727-1785) from the Geider Collection carries an estimate of £300-500. 


Sculptures include the 19th century French artist Duchoiselle’s Femme Allongée estimated at £500-800. Amongst the portrait miniatures is a 19th century painting on porcelain depicting Catherine the Great (1729-1796) after the well-known original by Fyodor Rokotov (1736-1808), here embellished with a diamond-encrusted silver and gold frame (£300-500). Amongst Modern British works are oils by Julius Olsson of boats in St. Ives harbour, Geoffrey Tibble’s large interior with his wife Marjorie, works by Joseph Longhurst, Christopher Gifford Ambler, as well as prints by Paula Rego, John Brunsdon, and others. The illustrated catalogue will be available online from Tuesday 17th September.

For further information please contact Nathan Winter or Susanna Winters

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Tuesday 22 October 2019 


Following on from the success of recent textile sales, we will once again be offering a large and diverse section of early and vintage textiles as part of our Fine Art and Antiques sale. Dating from the 17th century through to the 20th century, there will be an offering of shawls, dresses and other garments, quilts, lace items, early printed and woven fabrics, and embroideries.

Amongst the items we will be auctioning are two pairs of early lace mittens for children dating from the 16th or 17th century, a collection of rare 17th century needlework furnishing slips, an unusual satirical printed handkerchief ‘The Danger and Folly of Going to Law’, some miniature salesman sample garments, nursery curtains and fabric in ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ design printed by Marignon, and a desirable Mary Quant dress.



For further information please contact Susanna Winters

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Tuesday 22 October 2019


Our October sale includes a good section of silver and fine jewellery, a selection of 18th century and later sculptures including bronze and carved wood, a Roman altar and other interesting artefacts.


A ladies 18ct white gold ring set with 10 brilliant cut diamonds, approximately 0.5ct each, stamped ‘750’, size M, overall weight (including stones) 7.7g

Estimate £1500-2000


A pair of ladies 18K white gold diamond drop earrings, set with 45 small brilliant cut diamonds on three strands, stamped ‘D357 K18’K, overall weight (including stones) 12g

Estimate £500-800


For further information please contact Henry Meadows

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The Library of Eduard Rosenbaum (1887-1979)

Thursday 12 December 2019


Dominic Winter Auctioneers are delighted to offer for sale the library of the noted Anglo-German economist, author and librarian Eduard Rosenbaum (1887-1979).

Born in Hamburg, Rosenbaum was from 1919 syndic of the Hamburg chamber of commerce (Handelskammer) and director of its famous Commerzbibliothek. In the same year he was part of the German delegation at Versailles, and published an account of the negotiations shortly after (Der Vertrag von Versailles, 1921). He was removed from his position by the Nazi Party in April 1933, and in 1934 emigrated to England through the offices of John Maynard Keynes, whom he had met at Versailles, and whose papers he had helped publish through the Hamburg journal Wirtschaftsdienst: Wirtschafltiche Nachrichten.

In 1935 he became the first holder of the newly-created position of acquisitions librarian at the London School of Economics, remaining in post until his retirement in 1952. His internment on the Isle of Man in 1940 provided an introduction to Italian economist Piero Sraffa, whom he went on to assist in compiling the Royal Economic Society’s edition of the works of David Ricardo (1951); later in life he wrote a history of the Hamburg merchant bank M. M. Warburg & Co. (1976).

The library of Eduard Rosenbaum comes to the market direct from the family, and the sale coincides with an exhibition at the Hamburg Handelskammer to commemorate the centenary of Rosenbaum’s appointment as director, to be held from 26 July until 4 October 2019, which is to be followed by a special lecture on 17 October at the LSE. His collection provides an engrossing snapshot of the cultural milieu which the Nazi Party set out to destroy. Highlights include rare livres d’artiste by Conrad Felixmüller, the expressionist painter pronounced degenerate by the Nazi regime, limited editions of works by symbolist poet Stefan George, and a complete set of Robert Musil’s Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (1930-43) in the dust jackets.


For further information please contact Dominic Somerville-Brown

+44 (0)1285 860006