The Auctioneers commission will be deducted from the sale proceeds as follows:-

All goods consigned for sale are sold under the Auctioneers Margin Scheme . Zero rated items (eg printed books, unframed maps) are NOT subject to VAT on the vendor commission or unsold lot charge. All other items will be subject to a VAT inclusive charge on the vendor commission and unsold fees.

Commission Rates: 16.5% commission (inclusive of loss/damage cover) subject to a minimum charge of £15 per lot

Unsold Fees: Unsold charge £5 per lot.

Bulk Lots: (Those that appear in the 'cartons & quantity' section of the sales, plus runs of periodicals and magazines will be charged at 21.5% commission inclusive of loss/damage cover) subject to a minimum charge of £20 per lot.

Items requiring extra cataloguing time and/or research may be subject to additional charges (by agreement).

Illustrations: (Catalogue and website inclusive) will be charged at 5% of the hammer price up to a maximum of £25 plus VAT per illustration. No charge will be levied on unsold lots. Special position and larger illustrations may incur higher charges (by agreement).

The Auctioneer shall remit the proceeds of the sale to the seller 30 days after the day of auction provided that the auctioneer has received the total sum due from the buyer.

All goods will be sold without reserve unless reserve prices are agreed with the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer has the right to bid on behalf of the vendor in order to achieve the reserve figure. The vendor may not bid on his behalf in this instance.

In the case of miscellaneous books, the Auctioneer reserves the right to extract and dispose of books that, in the opinion of the Auctioneer at his absolute discretion, have no saleable value and, therefore, might detract from the saleability of the rest of the lot.