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Lot 304 (Printed Books, Maps & Documents, Travel, Science & Engineering, 7th October 2020)

The South Sea Bubble and the Trial of the Earl of Macclesfield.

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The South Sea Bubble and the Trial of the Earl of Macclesfield. Summary of abstracts and accounts of the Masters and Usher of the court of Chancery in respect of money in the form of securities, annuities, bonds, etc. for various suitors, 1724, a clerical manuscript of 52 pages, (pp. 45-46 omitted from pagination but all bifolia intact with conjugate leaves), pp. 1-27 being a written summary address to 'Right Honoble the Lords of the Committee of His Majestys' most Honorable Privy Council' and with the names of 6 signatories (Jeff: Gilbert, Alex: Denton, Rob: Raymond, Nath: Gould, W: Thompson and John Hanger), dated 16 December 1724, followed by various tables, 'No. 1. A General Abstract of the Accompts delivered in by the Masters in Chancery and Usher of Securitys and Money remaining in their hands', 'No. 2. A Particular of the Several Species of Securitys the totals whereof are mentioned in the foregoing Abstract no. 1', 'No. 2. The Totals of the Several Species of securitys contained in the foregoing Particulars No. 2', 'No. 3. Particulars delivered in by the Masters and Usher to answer the ballance of cash in their respective hands', etc., the final leaf of text summary in the words of William Kynaston, one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery, noting he 'maketh oath that he hath delivered a true and full account of all the causes in which he hath received money and securitys belonging to those causes to the best of his knowledge and belief... ', with names of signatories William Kynaston and Robert Halford at end, dated 11 December 1724, some spotting, browning and dust-soiling throughout, some corner curling, original marbled wrappers, stitched as issued, wrappers worn, split along spine and covers detached, folio (37 x 24 cm)

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An extraordinary document, no doubt one of the copies prepared for the trial and impeachment of the lord chancellor, the Earl of Macclesfield, this details the eye-watering sums of money that were being invested through the masters and usher of the Court of Chancery, with frequent mention of South Sea stock, annuities and bonds. The South Sea Company was a British joint stock company founded in 1711 to reduce the cost of the national debt. The company's dubious business practices resulted in a financial bubble and market collapse in 1720, though the company continued to manage part of the British national debt until 1853 when it was disestablished. The South Sea Bubble has since become synonymous with the world's first great financial scandal.

Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield, 1667-1732, was a lawyer and English Whig politician. Made a Privy Counsellor in 1710, he was Lord Chief Justice from 1710 to 1718 and Lord Chancellor from 1718 to 1725. In 1725 he was impeached for taking bribes and tried in the House of Lords. He was convicted by a unanimous vote for taking bribes. He was removed from the Privy Council, required to forfeit £100,000, fined an additional £30,000 and placed in the Tower of London until these sums were paid. Ruined financially, he retired to his home, Shirburn Castle, where he spent the rest of his life, never again holding public office. His magnificent library was dispersed and offered for sale by Sotheby's in twelve parts between 2004 and 2008.

'For some time there had been disturbing rumours that the masters in chancery had been misusing suitors' money in their custody, a practice which Macclesfield himself was believed to have encouraged. In November 1724, seemingly in response to what had developed into a public outcry, Walpole instigated an inquiry by committee of the privy council and by mid-December had produced a report. Its exposure of considerable financial abuse in several of the masters' offices implicated Macclesfield deeply and unequivocally. Walpole was now only too willing to assuage the rising tide of public indignation by discarding Macclesfield, and there was emphasis upon the ministry's wish to avoid being seen to harbour or ‘screen’ a corrupt colleague. It was in any case clear on less partisan grounds that Macclesfield could not remain as lord chancellor in the light of such grave accusations. He himself quickly acknowledged this, and on 4 January 1725 he surrendered his seals of office. But amid pressing demands for the restitution of missing funds, estimated at £60,000, the ministry's opponents ensured that he did not escape parliamentary trial. The ministry was ready to assist in this process, anxious that further investigations be kept within acceptable limits. A petition to the Commons on 23 January complaining of the disappearance of large sums placed in chancery belonging to the estate of one of the suitors, the dowager duchess of Montagu, commenced the process that led to his impeachment' (ODNB).

'The trial commenced on 6 May 1725, and lasted thirteen days. It took place in the House of Lords, and was presided over by Lord-chief-justice King. The articles of impeachment, which were twenty-one in number, charged Macclesfield with selling masterships in chancery; with receiving bribes for agreeing to the sale and transfer of offices; with admitting to the office of master several persons ‘who were of small substance and ability, very unfit to be trusted with the great sums of money and other effects of the suitors;’ with suffering the fraudulent practice of masters paying for their places out of the money of the suitors; with endeavouring to conceal the delinquencies of one Fleetwood Dormer, an absconding master; with encouraging the masters to traffic with the money of the suitors; with making use of it himself ‘for his own private service and advantage;’ with persuading the masters ‘to make false representations of their circumstances’ at the inquiry; and with assuming ‘an unjust and unlimited power of dispensing with, suspending, and controlling the statutes of this realm'' (DNB, vol. 43, p. 280).

Interestingly, Dormer's name appears in the manuscript for two of the final tables in the manuscript which are titled: 'Money received by Henry Edwards Esq. towards answering the demands upon Mr. Dormer's office since his admittance which was on the 18th May 1721' and 'An accompt of what money has been paid to the suitors of the court that was due from Mr. Dormer on his separate account and the names of the several causes in which the same has been paid'. In each case the total sums involved were around £23,000.

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Auction: Printed Books, Maps & Documents, Travel, Science & Engineering, 7th October 2020

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